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Volunteer Services

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at school but … now what?  Make sure you check in at the office (in case of emergency, we need to know who’s in the building).  Be sure to grab your name tag from the basket near the sign in sheet.  This is NEW.  If you cannot find your name tag, please let someone from the executive board know and we’ll get you one. Feel free to ask any questions, otherwise you can head to your location knowing that YOU are making a difference!

Check out when you are done, before you leave.

Volunteer of the Month Program

One of the hardest parts of our job as the PTO board, is feeling like we never get to give enough thanks to YOU.  We try to thank those of you whom we see regularly, often. Some of you though, well, you are either here when we are not, you come in, do your work, then you’re off for the day, onto your next mission. Others, we don’t see because you sneak into the office and drop off a donation on your way to work or somewhere else. We do have the pleasure of seeing many of you at our after-school events and we thank you for doing those events after your long day. We decided that we need a better way to recognize those of you who are here throughout the month.

So here’s the plan… Each month there will be a random drawing. If you spend any time, volunteering here within the previous month (and signed in at the office), donating items, volunteering for after school events, you will be automatically entered. It’s that easy!

Each month’s winner will be posted on the website.