As we say goodbye to those who are leaving our board, we are wishing our new board many congratulations for the 2018/19 school year.

President:  Romkje McKeigan
Vice-President:  Michelle DeNigris
Secretary:  Pam Obratil
Treasurer:  Karen Wright
Asst Treasurer:  Jen George
PR Representative:  Christina Schaffert

If you see any of them around town or at the school, please give them your congrats.  It will be a great year!  Have a wonderful summer all!!!

Buy School Supplies for Next Year Now!

We are excited to partner again with 1st Day Supplies to offer the option of one-stop online shopping for school supplies for next year.  Parents told us they loved the name-brand supplies and easy process:  You order online.  You enjoy your summer.  The kit is waiting for you at school on Supply Drop-Off Day.  You label the items that the teacher requests; preprinted labels with your student’s name are included in the box.  And just like that, you’re DONE.

Click the banner below to get started.  [Make sure you choose the grade your student is going into next year!]

wide-banner (1).jpg